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English Summary

Adolf Schuss Büromaschinenhandel GmbH: Mr. Adolf Schuss put the foundation-stone of the today's entrepreneurial group SCHUSS in the year 1911 with the establishment of the "First Viennese Typewriter Repair Workshop", which finally led to the ADOLF SCHUSS BÜROMASCHINENHANDEL GMBH&CO KG. After the First World War the company grew with the spreading of technical office equipment.

After 1945 the distribution of office machines started, SCHUSS soon represented international manufacturers like TA, BROTHER, FACIT and TOSHIBA. Since 2000 the business has focused on the distribution of printers & copiers from Toshiba and Triumph Adler.

New terrains were entered 1970 by starting the distribution of Consumer Electronics which covered the distribution of televisions, radios, cartridges and clocks. Beside Citizen and Maxell, TOSHIBA became the main represented brand for the so-called "brown goods" (TV, radio, VCR, DVD..).

The brand-new Projector-technologie soon led to a new departement wich started in 1998. Beside the distribution of acknowledged beamer brands, also the businss with conferencing- and presentationtechnology was started.

From market-political reasons, 2003 the different departments of the Adolf Schuss Büromaschinenhandel GmbH&Co KG was separated into own Distribution-companies (GmbH's), which further specialized in their core competences:

2006 the „Schuss-Groups“ are set-up as followed:


Parent Company:

Adolf Schuss Büromaschinenhandel GmbH

Administration and financial services

Sales Companies:

Schuss Home Electronic GmbH

Consumer Electronics

Schuss AV Projektionsysteme GmbH

Presentation & Conferencing

Schuss Office Systems GmbH (sold 2006¹)

Print- & Copying Systems

¹) The Schuss Office Systems GmbH was sold in 2006 to the german printer-specialist TA Triumph-Adler and is no longer member of Schuss-Group.

Mission Statements

Even though the companies work in different markets and countries, they are all guided by the general mission-statment of the Schuss-Group:

  • Only distribution of Quality Products of known and reliable brands
  • Creation of Added Value for partners and customers
  • Experienced employees are the most important asset of our companies
  • Satisfied Customers are the base for acceptance and duration of the companies
  • Experience by international representation and long business relationships
  • Ongoing Reinvestment of profits to ensure quality and strengh
  • Stability provided by outstanding personalities
  • Strong ability through financial sound parent company

Facts & Figures

Revenue 2005: 38.400.000 €
Employees: 75