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Handcuff Lock


robust · flexible intermediate links · ideal for scooters and bikes · compactly stowable · length 50 cm · 3 keys


BE COOL handcuff lock - the daily companion to secure your vehicle.

The innovative design of the very robust handcuff lock provides the highest possible security and is extremely easy to take along.

The swiveling connecting links prevent a fixed anchor point. This means that it cannot be broken open even by large leverage forces. The intermediate links provide additional flexibility, making it easy to attach to bars or bike racks.

The durable material consists of laminated, hardened steel and a rubber coating to protect your vehicle. The handy design allows you to store the lock small and compact. Folded up, it fits in any pocket, backpack or even bicycle saddle bags.

This anti-theft lock perfectly secures any e-scooter, your bike but also a pram.

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