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E-Scooter "Buzzard" Anthracite

SKU: BC85ES525006BZ


15.0 Ah Li-Ion battery · 8.5" Honeycomb tires · 350-Watt motor · up to 55 km range · up to 25 km/h · up to 120kg · electronic brake front / drum brake rear


Comfortable on long distances

The combination of comfort, performance and convenience sets new standards in the
segment of the high-performance e-scooter middle class. 
The selection of high-quality components makes the BUZZARD a long-distance runner. Its powerful and maintenance-freer 350-watt hub motor impresses with its solid start and it quickly brings you to the maximum permissible speed of 25 km/h. Whether you're only on the road for a few minutes or want to take full advantage of the range, the new battery management System convinces with great values. The 15 Ah/36-volt battery takes you up to 55 km.

Sleek and sporty design

The wide and deep running board offers a stable stand on every journey. The scooter has a particularly wide and height-adjustable handlebar. This means that long distances can be mastered very comfortably. This handlebar, like the scooter, can be folded up in seconds - without additional tools.

Safety is a top priority for BE COOL

The frame of the BUZZARD is made of high-quality aluminium. It is particularly robust and durable. The Honeycomb tyres are maintenance-free, and, thanks to the honeycomb structure, they easily compensate for shocks and vibrations. Damage to the tyres by broken glass or nails is almost impossible. LED lights front and rear as well as a brake light, reflectors and a bell provide you with safety in everyday use.

Experience the new dimension of movement and enjoy every journey with the BE COOL BUZZARD.

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