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E-Scooter "eSC-P2"


Pro Line

13.0 Li-Ion Ah removable battery · 10" tubeless pneumatic tyres · 500 Watt motor · up to 40 km range · up to 25 km/h · up to 120kg · front & rear disc brake · front & rear suspension · removable, height adjustable & suspension seat · folding footrests · ignition key


BE COOL Pro Line eSC-P2 - premium quality for any surface

The perfect driving and safety feeling results from the unique geometry between the handlebar and the side treads. This arrangement sets new standards for Pro Line e-scooters in terms of riding safety.

Ideally matched off-road and robust high-end components are installed especially for this design. A ride with the BE COOL eSC-P2 becomes an impressive experience - whether it is a sporty ride on the fold-out footrests or a comfortable ride with the included, mountable, height-adjustable, and suspended seat.

The powerful and maintenance-free 500-watt hub motor impresses with its high torque and accelerates to the maximum permissible speed of 25 km/h in seconds. It also masters gradients of up to 20 degrees with flying colours. The 13 Ah/48 Volt battery is detachable. This facilitates charging regardless of the scooter's location. The energy of the battery is sufficient for up to 40 km long distances.

Perfect on all paths

The perfectly tuned full suspension with the double shock absorbers on the front and rear wheels easily absorb shocks and bumps on bumpy road surfaces and thus contribute to the extremely smooth and safe handling. Even tram tracks are no dangerous obstacle for the wide tubeless 10-inch pneumatic off-road tyres.

Safety is the top priority for BE COOL

The special frame construction of the BE COOL eSC-P2 is very robust and durable. It is made of high-quality aluminium. This dual brake system meets the highest safety standards. The highly efficient disc brakes on the front and rear wheel can be operated independently of each other. If it ever gets dark, the LED headlights will bring you home safely and in good visibility.

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