Convector 2000W


2000 watts · 3 heating levels · Turbo fan


Convector with 2,000 watts

  • Powerful convector heater with integrated overheating protection for a cosy climate in rooms without central heating or as an additional heater.
  • Stepless thermostat control for easy preselection of the desired temperature.
  • The practical convector from SHE provides pleasant warmth within your own four walls. Besides the living room or kitchen, you can also use the heater in summer houses, garages, or conservatories. The heat is distributed quickly and evenly in the room thanks to automatic temperature control and high performance. The low-noise operation combined with optimal performance is convincing.
  • The convector is a practical panel heater for heating room air in closed and dry rooms without central heating or as an additional heater. Thanks to the conveniently operated adjustment options and the fan integrated in the housing, the heated air is evenly distributed in the room and the rooms to be heated are quickly at the desired temperature. For maximum safety, an overheating protection is already integrated, which reliably protects the unit from overload and switches it off automatically if necessary.


This product is only suitable for well-insulated rooms or for occasional use.

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