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Clean Air with BE COOL Air Purifier BC52LR2101

Innovation - BE COOL Sound-Bag Light

Innovation - SHX 4 in 1 Heizlüfter SHX20HLBF2002F


Our first own brand is actually not pronounced like the english "she", but S.H.E.

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Since 2018, BE COOL has stood for excellent products and ongoing innovations on the Austrian market that make everyday life more pleasant and fun.

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SHX is the new brand of Schuss Home Electronic, a derivative of SHE.

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Humidity too high?

From humid to dry with our new modern-design dehumidifier BC50LEF2101 from BE COOL.

With high dehumidification values and an excellent price-performance ratio, the dehumidifier convinces not only at first glance. With a maximum dehumidification capacity of fifty Liters per day, it ensures optimal air conditions in rooms up to 50 m².

More Info can be found here!

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